Kids Summer Camps in East London, offering fun-filled, action-packed summers for children aged 6-14
Camp Horizons, Kids Summer Activity Camps in East London

Welcome to Camp Horizons! Summer camps for kids 22 July - 09 August 2019


We appreciate parents will have lots of questions - please see below our most common questions

What time are you open?

Our core day runs from 9am–4.00pm, with an extended-day available from 8.15-9am and 4.00-5.30pm.

What ages do you cater for?

Our programme is for 6-14 year-olds.

How long will Camp Horizons run for?

Camp Horizons will run between 22nd July- 09th August 2019 this summer.​

Camp Horizons takes place from Monday to Friday.

While it is possible to book from 1 day to the full 3 weeks, we recommend your child attends at least one full week to become fully immersed in our programme.

Are you Ofsted Registered?

Yes, we are. As a result we ensure we maintain high standards of childcare provision ensuring all staff are DBS Checked, have safeguarding training and maintain ratios between 1:10-1:14. We can also accept childcare vouchers if we are given enough notice to register with your voucher provider before your child's first day at camp.

What activities do you offer?

We offer a wide variety of activities, including sports, dance, drama, journalism and arts & crafts! Not only that but we will vary our weeks so they include Olympic Park picnics, themed days and inter-camp competitions which brings the entire camp together.

What if my child is shy?

Having managed summer Camps in the USA and with the majority of our staff working with children for their full-time occupation, we have extensive experience looking after children of all ages and abilities. We use our vast experience to develop an environment where children can be comfortable and fully engaged in their activities and with their fellow Campers.

What if my child requires additional help?

We aim to be as inclusive as possible, with an ‘open to all children’ policy. If your child requires extra support, please email or call us to discuss your child’s specific needs on Camp so we can ensure they are able to take part in our summer programme and whether any special arrangements need to be made. Although we cannot provide additional staff for any children, we are happy to allow a child’s carer on Camp, subject to standard DBS checks, as long as this does not affect the enjoyment and participation of other children in the group. Please note, if it transpires your child does require additional/one-to-one support due to medical/behavioural/learning difficulties and parents have not informed us/put in the correct support (e.g. carer) in place, then we reserve the right to cancel the booking.

What if my child has a medical condition?

At the time of booking, please give us as much information regarding medical conditions and medication as possible in order for us to provide appropriate care for your child during their time at Camp Horizons. We may require you to fill out additional information prior to Camp, but we will send these out with your confirmation email. All information you provide at the time of booking will be with our staff on Camp by the time you arrive for your first day. Please note we will only administer medication that is prescribed by a health professional.

Will friends be grouped together?

The Camp Horizons experience is all about making new friends and trying new things. If you want your child to be grouped with a friend or relative, please let us know and we will try to accommodate this request as best as we can.

Can my child celebrate their birthday at Camp?

Yes absolutely! We will provide a child with a birthday cake to share with their cabin on their special day, as well as singing our camp birthday song!

It’s a long day – what if my child gets tired?

Regular breaks are built into the day, but if our campers do become tired, they can always take a quick break during activities.

What should my child bring to Camp Horizons?

Children should bring a healthy packed lunch with morning and afternoon snacks, especially if you are dropping your child off early or picking them up late. This should include an ice block as we do not have facilities to refrigerate food.

We provide drinking water, but children should bring a refillable water bottle so they don't become thirsty during the day.

Please also pack sun cream for your child, preferably applying it before they arrive at Camp Horizons. Although we cannot apply sun cream directly to your child, we will remind them throughout the day to re-apply. We also recommend bringing a cap or sun-hat during hot weather.

In warmer weather it would also be advisable to bring a spare change of clothes.  If the weather gets very warm we may introduce water activities to help cool the campers down,

In order to help us return lost property, please ensure all items of clothing are clearly named.

What shouldn’t my child bring to Camp Horizons?

Money is not required on Camp. Please do not bring portable electronic devices (e.g. mobile phones, iPods, Nintendo DS, etc.). They will not be needed on Camp and we cannot be held responsible for anything going missing or being damaged.

Who are your staff members?

Our staff are integral in making sure each camper at Horizons has the best experience possible. Each activity is fun, structured and varied. All our staff have enhanced DBS checks and have experience working with children, whether that's through their teaching careers, instructing at drama schools or working at summer camps all over the world.

What are you staff to child ratios?

We will not exceed ratios of 1:14 and will aim to operate at ratios between 1:8 and 1:10.

What if my child has an Epipen?

We request that all parents whose children carry Epipens to arrange for a qualified medical practitioner to demonstrate use of the Epipen to our first aider or Camp Director on their first day at Camp. If this is not possible then we will accept a demonstration given by a parent/guardian instead.

Can my child check themselves in and out of Camp?

Children aged 11 years old and over can check themselves in and out of Camp. Parents must scan and post/email a letter with a handwritten signature granting permission for their child to sign themselves in/out of Camp. Please send this to The letter must include the child’s name, parent’s name, contact details, the time the child is expected to arrive on Camp in the morning, the time the child should be signed out from Camp, and the dates the child is attending Camp.

Can a friend / extended family member collect my child?

Friends or family members that have been authorised by you to collect your child from Camp are able to collect. We ask that all parents/ family members collecting children bring the unique booking ID number when collecting, in order to confirm that they are authorised to collect.